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The knowledge and expertise our team has is primarily focused on providing tailored solutions and the highest level of service to a niche market of clientele.

Our advisors understand the unique needs and day-to-day challenges you face as a business owner, and in growing your business. Often times your personal finances may be closely or directly associated with your company - making for more complicated financial and investment planning needs than the average investor.

Whether it be employee benefit and retirement plans, or formulating a succession or exit plan and transfer of that wealth to fund your retirement, or other investment related needs, we have the experience to serve as your holistic and comprehensive wealth manager so that you can continue to focus on the growth and success of your business.

Some of the largest financial decisions individuals will have to make in their lifetime relate to retirement. As you start to plan for your retirement, there are many questions to ask yourself - When is the perfect date for retirement? Have you identified your sources of retirement income? How much income will you need your assets and savings to generate for you to live comfortably? If you own a business, do you have a succession and/or exit strategy?

Our advisors serve as your loyal partner in evaluating your unique situation to assist you in addressing all of these issues in the most efficient and effective manner possible. While we help you preserve your wealth and create sustainable and life-long income to maintain your standard of living throughout retirement, we will also manage your required minimum distributions and determine the most tax-efficient ways to draw income from your taxable and tax-deferred investments.

Among the many aspects of our retirement planning process our advisors will also review topics like Social Security, Medicare, legal and estate planning, generational wealth transfer, and philanthropic efforts/contributions.  

An organization’s Board of Directors have an important responsibility to delegate who will oversee and manage the endowment on their behalf. This role includes considering how the endowment’s assets should be invested, who should invest them, establishing an investment policy, monitoring investment and portfolio returns, and evaluating the performance of the investment manager(s).

One of the ways in which The Zois Group and its advisors are committed to giving back to the community is by working directly with local non-profit organizations, and their Board of Directors, to help them utilize their assets to make positive and impactful changes in the community and to further pursue their mission, long-term goals, and objectives. As part of our commitment, we offer significantly discounted fees for 501(c)(3) organizations.

High and ultra high net worth individuals and families have needs and goals that are often unique, sensitive, specialized, and complex. For this reason, our goal is to provide outstanding value and solutions for our clients needs, providing them with the freedom and flexibility to enjoy life’s pleasures without the complicated stresses or burdens that wealth management can often bring.

At The Zois Group we believe that building relationships with the entire family and managing wealth across generations is essential in comprehensive planning. We are deeply committed to the success of our clients and strive to provide a highly personalized experience with each one - which is why we limit our client relationships to fewer than 100 families. The services we provide for these clients includes comprehensive wealth management, real estate investment strategies, tax-efficient investment strategies, consolidated performance and tax-reporting among all asset classes, philanthropy, and family governance.

A common mistake high net worth individuals often make is setting up same types of investment accounts with multiple financial institutions, attempting to diversify their risk. Diversification, in reality, is how your money is invested, not where it is held. We advice our clientele to consolidate their assets with just one reliable advisor for many reasons, including: lower costs, streamlined administration, no duplication of investments and efforts, simplified estate settlements, and easier and more efficient retirement planning.

Part of our commitment to your success, The Zois Group coordinates your financial affairs with other third-parts advisors you may already have, including CPA’s, attorneys, estate planners, and insurance providers, because we believe that having everyone on the same team improves the chances of achieving your needs and goals.

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